How to Use

Dark-colored vials make it difficult to see the level of the liquid. This amazing injectable medication flashlight solves that problem. This device uses clear reusable acrylic (magic) tape, which allows you to safely and securely attach a vial to the flashlight. Insert a syringe and draw your desired dosage. Once finished, pull the vial loose from the flashlight and store it in the provided case for next use.

  • INCLUDED – Rechargeable flashlight, reusable round clear acrylic tape, USB charging cable, and case.
  • ONLY INSULIN VIAL FLASHLIGHT IN THE WORLD – With the use of clear magic reusable tape, you can now light up your vial and securely and safely draw your required dosage into a syringe.
  • EASY TO USE – Per the instructions provided in the bottom of the flashlight case; install 1 piece of the provided round transparent tape. Turn on the flashlight, stick an injectable medication vial to the magic tape. Insert a syringe, draw your required dosage, pull loose, and store for next use.
  • REUSABLE – Today’s nano-technology tape allows a strong, secure, reusable bond with many surfaces, such as glass, wood, plastics, etc.
  • To reactivate the stickiness, clean it with a Q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to remove residue and dirt. Then apply low heat from a hair dryer for 30 seconds to reactivate its stickiness properties.
  • CHARGING INFO – It’s normal for these flashlights to blink red while charging. Full charge requires 2 hours minimum. These flashlights have a 1 hr continuous run time – fully charged.
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